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  • Nicholas C. Smith

    By on

    FOCUSNicholas’s research interests focus on stress, social networks, mental health and illness, and stigma and status loss. His current…

  • Leslie Salas-Hernández

    By on

    FOCUSMass incarceration is a public health issue that requires continued cross-sector collaboration between community members, policymakers, public health prof…

  • Luisa Maria Rivera

    By on

    FOCUSLuisa studies the transgenerational transmission of trauma and adversity in communities experiencing chronic and acute stressors. She currently conducts…

  • Leah Lomotey-Nakon

    By on

    FOCUSLeah’s work investigates how moral and religious experiences shape expectations about one’s self, one’s communities, and those one deems…

  • Joseph Griffin

    By on

    FOCUSJoseph’s research is focused on community violence as a public health issue in urban communities of color. His approach…

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