Danae Ross


Bringing an interdisciplinary lens to the study of Black maternal/parental health, Danae’s work centers the physical and mental health of Black mothers and their infants in sexual and reproductive justice discourses. She investigates how anti-Black culture–particularly related to Black sexuality and parenthood–influences Black maternal/parental-infant lived experiences as well as health outcomes, standard medical recommendations, and health care policy relative to birth and breast/bodyfeeding.

Danae has supported families through their parenting journeys through her work in both clinical and evaluative capacities in medical settings (including the perinatal, parenting, postpartum adjustment, and infant mental health programs) and in nonprofit organizations. She is also a co-founder of the Black Girlhood Commons (a U-M Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop), co-organizer of the Black Feminist Kitchen’s 2020 Black Feminist Summer School, and the co-chair of the Black Breastfeeding Caucus Research Committee.


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