Gabriel L Johnson


Gabriel Johnson intends to develop healthy masculinities among Black and African diasporic men and masculine of center individuals, with the long-term goal of further building mentally, physically, and spiritually healthier communities. Much of the discussion about masculinity centers around how detrimental it is to the health of individuals and communities, but through identifying both the negative and beneficial facets of masculinity, Gabriel hopes to develop interventions and other programs that promote improved sense of self and well-being. Using mixed methodology and community-centered approaches, Gabriel hopes to implement programs highlighting healthy masculinities in schools and communities, and change perceptions through social campaigns. He views transformative masculinity as a mechanism to reduce intimate partner violence, increase community cohesion, and create structural change.

Gabriel’s diverse background supporting Black people across the life course has both shaped the focus of his research and how he conducts research. As a result of both his professional and personal background, Gabriel is committed to making sure that his work is liberatory and accessible in nature.


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