Kate Somerville


Kate’s work aims to explore and promote effective models of mental health support and services for students in K-12 learning environments. In particular, Kate is interested in the role community organizing plays in both community healing and school mental health policy. Additionally, Kate is interested in federal, state, and local policies that impact school-based mental health care and pedagogical practices that promote belonging and healing. Kate’s goal is to better understand how public health professionals and education professionals can work together to create destigmatized, culturally sustaining systems of mental health care for children that prioritize well-being over academic performance.

Before attending CU, Kate taught second grade in Baltimore, Maryland. As a student, she went through most of school with an undiagnosed learning disability. This experience informed her practice as a teacher and lead her to contemplate the complexities surrounding labels in education, which she now brings into her research. Kate’s identity and experience as an educator drive her research, which she hopes will be beneficial to students, families, and communities.


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