TyKera Marrow


The general mistrust and anticipation of stigmatization that Black Americans feel in general, concerning the medical context and larger American systems, can have a significant negative impact on the utilization of health care services. TyKera is dedicated to engaging in research promoting health equity to increase physical and mental health outcomes for Black Americans, women, and members of the LGBTQ community. She is especially interested in women’s health and researching Black maternal mortality and mental health throughout the gestational period and post-partum. TyKera’s research focuses on gaining a better understanding of health disparities in ethnic, gender, and sexual minorities, and how to implement better training to reduce medical mistrust and racism that disproportionately affect these groups.

TyKera, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, was exposed to two different worlds. Growing up in a split-home, she observed the dynamics of female-led single households maternally and the structure of two-parent homes paternally. Directly witnessing the damaging effects of medical neglect and institutional disenfranchisement, she offers an analytical evaluation of the necessity for cultural awareness in medical communities. Her passion and drive for health equity research and implementation make her a welcomed member of the Health Policy Research Scholars Team.


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