Natasha D. Williams


Broadly, Natasha’s research works to expose and address mental health inequities experienced by marginalized populations. More specifically, her work centers the mental health experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals with an emphasis on LGBTQ+ people of color. She takes an interdisciplinary approach, drawing from population health science, family science, social policy, health services research, sociology, and her clinical training as a marriage and family therapist to 1) document population-level disparities in mental health outcomes, and 2) examine the utilization and accessibility of mental health care services. Natasha is also interested in methodologies that subvert the traditional approaches to research in academia, including intersectionality, mixed methods research, and community-based participatory research.

The eldest child of a single mother, Natasha grew up with a deep appreciation for the power of community. She carries with her the legacy of rebellious, outspoken, revolutionary Black women in her family. It is in their spirit that she finds inspiration to advocate for equity for her community.


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