Elliot Marrow

Elliot’s research interests lie at the intersection of LGBT health and psychology, with a particular focus on the health of trans and gender diverse (TGD) individuals. His research seeks to involve TGD and other marginalized individuals in the research process, working from community need to find accountable solutions. He is particularly interested in the role of power in the health care environment. What is needed for dignifying TGD care that affirms human rights? How can health care providers respect lived experience and develop collaborative, culturally humble working relationships? How can psychologists recognize and address the effects of systemic issues with their clients? To answer these and other questions, Elliot has drawn upon diverse fields of inquiry, including archival research, epidemiology, discourse analysis, and evidence-based therapeutic interventions. He believes in research that is accountable, attendant to power, and works to repair harm.

In community-based participatory research with the TGD community, Elliot has seen the power of provider education in preventing and repairing harm. As a trans person with a disability, he is also aware of community histories of coercion and neglect from health care providers, including psychologists. He seeks to work alongside communities in imagining and building dignifying care and healthier futures.


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