Alexandra Maxim

Alex works on the development of equitable, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure systems that prioritize the well-being of the communities they are meant to serve. She finds that this is crucial, as impacts from climate change pose a great risk to the underlying infrastructure of vulnerable communities. She researches the social resilience of communities in parallel with the physical resilience of infrastructure systems. With a background in neuroscience, psychology, and environmental science, she has a nuanced perspective to study the intersection of the built environment and the public sphere. Alex will use various tools within civil engineering, urban planning and design, as well as health policy to holistically analyze infrastructure interdependencies within cities to explore strategies to reduce vulnerabilities in the wake of climate change. This research promotes the re-development of the current framework that underlies our institutions and governance structures to better serve vulnerable communities.

Alex’s Hispanic upbringing shapes her passions for climate justice and informs her perspective on overlooked inequities within our built environment. As an inter-disciplinary researcher, she aims to bridge the gaps among siloed fields to encourage a more fruitful and diverse discussion on how to create equitable urban environments.


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