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  • James Green

    By on

    FOCUSJames is conducting research to empower queer and trans youth of color in their experiences with mental illness and…

  • Chlece Walker-Neal-Murray

    By on

    FOCUSChlece would like to create a family court that is more therapeutic in nature, prioritizing the health of individuals…

  • Lupita Quintana

    By on

    FOCUSPesticides have been influential drivers of modern society and food production, yet their toxicity to humans and the environment…

  • Cashell D. Lewis

    By on

    FOCUSCashell’s research explores the intersection between mental health and criminal justice. His focus on suicidal behavior seeks to center…

  • Sireen Irsheid

    By on

    FOCUSSocial structures entrenched in racism and social inequality systematically fail students of color. Sireen is primarily interested in examining…

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