Chlece Walker-Neal-Murray

Chlece would like to create a family court that is more therapeutic in nature, prioritizing the health of individuals and families. Her research interests focus on understanding systemic problems that impact the health of families who interact with family court. Specifically, she is interested in eliminating obstacles to health equity by understanding, mitigating, and preventing social, mental, physical, and economic health challenges that often precipitate or stem from involvement in family court and complex family issues. Policies surrounding these issues often contribute to health inequity and disproportionately impact low and moderate-income Black families. Research focusing on these policies and their effect on the health of low-income families, particularly Black families, is scarce. Chlece hopes her work will provide the evidence necessary to create a family court that prioritizes the health of individuals and families regardless of their sex, economic, or racial background.

Chlece is a social justice entrepreneur and lawyer. Drawing on her background in law, social work, and computer science, she takes an interdisciplinary approach to her work with court-involved families and community education. HPRS offers her the opportunity to conduct research to inspire policy change in the court to better serve families.


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