Marcus A. Flax

Marcus’ research interests center around the use of culturally responsive quantitative and qualitative research methods to conceptualize the lived experiences and needs of Black and Brown youth who experience trauma. His research will inform the development, dissemination, and evaluation of novel interventions that specifically address the needs of Black and Brown children, as well as reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. By integrating the HPRS policy training with his current doctoral training in clinical psychology, Marcus plans to translate his research into strategies that dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline and instead provide and enable the use of multi-tiered trauma-informed support systems, culturally relevant coping skills, self-care, and mental healthcare autonomy that Black and Brown youth deserve.

After witnessing academia’s neglect of developmental trauma within his community, Marcus was driven to use research as a way for marginalized youth to share their stories to inform the creation of culturally relevant interventions. Marcus hopes to combine the skills gained through HPRS and his doctoral work to create accessible mental health resources.


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