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  • Tremaine Sails-Dunbar

    By on

    FOCUSTremaine's ultimate goal is to reduce mental health disparities among African American men through empowering churches and faith-based organizations…

  • Olivia Staples

    By on

    FOCUSThe goal of Olivia's work is to empower young people who have been placed at a disadvantage by society.…

  • Melissa Horner

    By on

    FOCUSMelissa’s research interests cohere around examining the social structures of everyday, ongoing settler colonialism in the U.S. while also…

  • Gabriel A. Benavidez

    By on

    FOCUSUsing various epidemiological methods, Gabriel studies a wide range of disparities along the cancer continuum (i.e., detection, treatment, survival,…

  • Tyler Jimenez

    By on

    FOCUSTyler Jimenez is broadly interested in how people respond to threats, be that to their society, worldview, or even…

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