Olivia Staples

The goal of Olivia’s work is to empower young people who have been placed at a disadvantage by society. Systemic racism in this country has placed BIPOC youth at a higher risk of exposure to poor social determinants of health. Olivia intends to conduct research that examines promotive factors that develop resilience in youth. These factors are associated with better behavioral health and academic outcomes in the presence of risk. She is particularly interested in examining promotive factors for Black and Latinx youth who have experienced adversity. Equipped with this information, Olivia plans to develop and implement school- and community-based, culturally informed prevention interventions for this population. Olivia’s long-term goal is for these findings to influence policy that shapes the overarching systems that surround our youth.

Olivia is a West Virginia born and raised, HBCU-educated changemaker and scholar. Her experiences as a Black woman and teacher inspire her to dedicate her career to the wellbeing of BIPOC youth. Through her work in diverse sectors and civil rights advocacy, Olivia understands the necessity of intersectoral collaboration to achieve systemic change.


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