Gabriel A. Benavidez

Using various epidemiological methods, Gabriel studies a wide range of disparities along the cancer continuum (i.e., detection, treatment, survival, quality, and access to care). His primary goal is to identify and quantify disparities that can be addressed by the implementation and/or expansion of equitable policy initiatives. Currently, Gabriel examines how to increase cancer screenings and improve cancer treatment to reduce cancer mortality among disadvantaged populations most equitably. Through this work, Gabriel hopes to help reduce preventable cancer deaths, primarily among low-income, rural, and minority populations that experience disproportionate cancer mortality.

Growing up in Woodlake, located in the rural central valley of California, has played an integral role in the research topics that Gabriel has chosen to pursue. Gabriel has first-hand knowledge of the struggles that low-income and minoritized populations face regarding equitable health care. Gabriel’s passion for research stems from a desire to improve the lives of those often neglected by the current for-profit health care system in the United States.


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