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  • Luisa Maria Rivera

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    FOCUSLuisa studies the transgenerational transmission of trauma and adversity in communities experiencing chronic and acute stressors. She currently conducts…

  • Leah Lomotey-Nakon

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    FOCUSLeah’s work investigates how moral and religious experiences shape expectations about one’s self, one’s communities, and those one deems…

  • Jake Ryann Sumibcay

    By on

    FOCUSJake’s current research is focused on driving a more effective engagement in health for the Asian-American, Native Hawaiian, and…

  • Marie Plaisime

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    FOCUSEach day, we are presented with reports of racially charged conflicts across the nation, yet we repeatedly ignore the…

  • Regina Fuller

    By on

    FOCUSRegina Fuller's research focuses on how young people learn about sexuality and sexual relationships both within formal school spaces,…

  • Ans Irfan

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    FOCUSEach year, thousands of workers die on the job, and those workers disproportionately come from low-income and marginalized communities.…

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