Electa Leigh Hare-RedCorn


Electa’s focus area is to continue to support the amazing work of the Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative of the University of Arkansas. The Indigenous nations and displaced peoples of our country have a heritage and a voice that is humming, rising, and ready to be heard. The goal of Electa’s research is to reduce chronic disease and obesity by strengthening tribal capacity in policy making for agriculture and health. She believes that our leaders will benefit from the beauty of reciprocity and the preservation of culture and agricultural ways of knowing. There are many grassroots initiatives in existence that carry the goal of a healthy ecology and environment, and it is Electa’s hope to highlight the work of these preservationists and translate it into meaningful policy to build a Culture of Health.

Electa is a member of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma and a descendant of the Ihanktonwan Dakota tribal communities. From her ancestors, she has been gifted with an awareness of social justice issues. Electa’s occupations as a public health community liaison and as a youth advisor have blessed her with a keen sense of humanitarian strength in adverse conditions. She has a heart to cultivate beautiful, strong leaders who are as eager to pull roots in the garden bed as they are to deliver a harvest of health policies. Her goal is to bring their collective knowledge forth as they embrace their history and heritage.


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