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  • Sarah El-Azab

    By on

    FOCUSSarah's goal is to ensure that the data used to inform and develop health policy represents the lived experiences…

  • Anton L.V. Avanceña

    By on

    FOCUSSignificant financial and human resources are wasted on ineffective health programs, interventions, and policies; and this waste contributes to…

  • Max Aung

    By on

    FOCUSMax Aung’s research focuses on characterizing the underlying mechanisms that link environmental exposures to adverse reproductive and developmental outcom…

  • Kristefer Stojanovski

    By on

    FOCUSKristefer Stojanovski’s research examines structural causes to health disparities among ethnic, racial, sexual, and gender minorities. During his doctoral…

  • Tran Doan

    By on

    FOCUSHer dissertation—which focuses on measuring the cost-effectiveness of universal mental health screening for adolescent depression—will likely have policy …

  • Valerie Taing

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    FOCUSHow can child care and early education promote the health and well-being of immigrant children? Why do some programs…

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