Anton L.V. Avanceña

Anton L.V. Avanceña

Significant financial and human resources are wasted on ineffective health programs, interventions, and policies; and this waste contributes to rising health care costs and underinvestment in other important areas. Anton is passionate about reversing this trend through his research, which leverages simulation and economic modeling techniques to help guide resource allocation decisions.

Previously, Anton has used economic evaluation to estimate the costs and benefits of HPV screening policies, malaria control and elimination, and an incentive-based program designed to attract physicians to rural and underserved areas. In future projects, Anton will explore efficient ways of promoting health equity to demonstrate that equity and efficiency, which are often viewed as divergent goals, can be pursued concurrently.

As an immigrant from the Philippines and a health services researcher, Anton offers a unique global perspective on equity and efficiency in health. Anton has collaborated with several public and private organizations in the U.S. and low- and middle-income countries in Africa and Asia on various public health research projects, and he plans to continue this work after his PhD studies.


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