Yui A. Chang Chusan

Yui’s vision is to level the playing field for everyone to thrive, which starts with creating opportunities for individuals to access the most basic needs such as housing and nutritious foods. Yet, the nutrition and health problems we are currently facing are multisectoral and multifactorial. Yui is interested in systems-thinking, interdisciplinary, community-participatory, and actionable research that positively impacts policies, systems, environmental, and/or narrative changes. In her research, she aims to employ community-based systems dynamics to identify and address psychosocial and structural determinants of health, particularly related to housing and food access among communities with low incomes, as well as examining the processes involved in moving from participatory research implementation toward real-world actions.

Coupled with her experiences of foster care and food insecurity in her home country of Ecuador, Yui has worked with individuals providing nutrition coaching, with community coalitions co-creating action ideas, and with multisectoral partners streamlining program implementation. Yui brings human and systems perspectives to advance health equity.


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