Yesi Camacho Torres

In her doctoral work, Yesi explores how social determinants including migration, poverty, and trauma influence the mental health of immigrant mothers of color in the U.S. Unique physiological and psychological changes occur during pregnancy. Combined with environmental circumstances, these shifts impact the mental health of expecting mothers. Due to their place in society, immigrant mothers are especially vulnerable to experiencing perinatal mental illness such as depression and anxiety, which are among the most common complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Yesi considers how the unique pre-migration, migration, and post-migration experiences affect the health of this group and that of their children and partners. Yesi’s work also explores how American health systems understand and respond to the pregnancy and childbirth health needs, beliefs, and practices of immigrants. This research will impact policy, centering the mental health and wellbeing of immigrant families.

Yesi migrated to Los Angeles from a small town in Mexico at age 5 and experienced firsthand the mental health toll that the migration process can have on the family unit. She hopes to engage in collaborative research that addresses the root causes of disparities that disproportionately impact the mental health of immigrant communities.


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