Tyler McCoy Gay

Tyler’s research aims to explore police discrimination and over surveillance practices toward Black men who have sex with men (BMSM) to mitigate negative psychosocial impacts. A recent national study illustrated that 43 percent of BMSM who interacted with law enforcement reported experiences of police discrimination. Additionally, emerging research demonstrates that perceived racism and homophobia by police are correlated with psychosocial vulnerability and psychological distress among BMSM. However, little is known about how these discriminatory encounters with law enforcement play out. He plans to utilize a comprehensive and innovative mixed-methods approach to illuminate specific legal, social, and geographical factors that predispose BMSM to police discrimination. In sum, his research seeks to promote intersectional collaboration between law enforcement and local health services to alleviate social stress and legal discrimination among BMSM.

Tyler is a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology at Georgia State University. He holds a BS from Jacksonville State University in Sociology and Political Science and a MA in Sociology from Georgia State University. Broadly, his research interests include race, health, and education. As an advocate for public sociology, Tyler believes that his scholarship should benefit the communities that he serves. Currently, he works for an educational philanthropy in the South to promote college and postsecondary access for Black, Hispanic, and other underserved rural youth populations.


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