Turquoise Skye Devereaux

Indigenous people are one of the most resilient populations anyone will encounter. This is due to the historical and present impact of colonization, systemic racism, and oppression that western, colonized curriculum and services continues to propagate. Therefore, Indigenous populations deserve to experience culturally safe spaces where the complexity of their identity is not assaulted, denied, or challenged, and their success is prioritized through decolonizing strategies focused on collectivist, holistic healing from an Indigenous perspective. Turquoise’s research focuses on creating culturally safe spaces within social work education to ensure a Culture of Health for Indigenous populations by combating systemic oppression and the impacts of colonization. Indigenous populations deserve justice and an equal opportunity within the field of social work to be successful in their healing journey, which will ultimately change the trajectory for future generations.

Turquoise is from the Salish and Blackfeet Tribes and grew up on the Flathead Indian Reservation. Her lived experiences illuminate her commitment to serve her community through decolonized strategies to combat systemic oppression. She attributes her ability to create a Culture of Health for future generations to her ancestors as they did for her.


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