Tiffani A. Elliott

Healthcare policies that consider social and structural determinants of mental health and incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives are timely and important. The ultimate goal of Tiffani’s research is to improve the way behavioral healthcare systems interact with underserved and historically oppressed communities. Tiffani is interested in rethinking approaches to mental healthcare that better recognize the unique needs of marginalized groups and acknowledge the complex social factors that influence mental health. Through her research, she advocates for a mental healthcare system that moves beyond pathologizing mental distress that results from the lived experiences of social injustice and inequality. In doing so, Tiffani aims to promote a person-centered mental healthcare system that respects sociocultural preferences regarding treatment, adequately addresses structural inequalities, and provides comprehensive and continuous care.

Tiffani’s research originates from her interdisciplinary background and work experience in institutionalized care settings and developmental disability agencies. Her professional and lived experiences with behavioral-healthcare systems ill-equipped to address the needs of marginalized groups has influenced her commitment to promote change.


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