Siqiao “Austin” Ao

Siqiao envisions a future where every member of marginalized communities is empowered with the information and knowledge necessary to effectively navigate the U.S. healthcare system. His goal is to enable fuller access to preventive care and ensure prompt medical attention when needed. To that end, his research explores how emerging media technologies can transform health communication practices. By utilizing virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, he aims to identify innovative solutions and address issues that often impede access to healthcare in marginalized groups. Drawing on his experience in media production, Siqiao adopts an interdisciplinary approach to this mission. Media interventions are becoming increasingly crucial in health messaging research. Siqiao’s expertise allows him to create original, customized content aimed at improving the wellbeing of targeted populations.

Through his own immigration journey, Siqiao has experienced similar challenges faced by marginalized populations. This has been his inspiration to work toward better health communication for new communities. Siqiao’s background as a media producer gives him a unique advantage in creating culturally sensitive health communication solutions.


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