Sione Lynn Pili Lister

Sione (she-oh-nay) is passionate about centering the lived experiences of people of color in examining how the law is wielded as a tool of white supremacy and settler colonialism. She is currently interested in how legal language in residential lease contracts is connected to residential segregation and eviction. Segregation remains high today, and is not just an undesirable result of history, but is also disempowering and oppressive because of how it influences the relationship between individuals to political influence and economic resources. Examining contract law sheds light on formerly hidden factors and is part of a more complete accounting of all actors involved in perpetuating segregation. This research is a starting position for creating housing policies that are effective because they are preventative rather than reactive.

As the daughter of a single mother, Sione grew up keenly aware of how the circumstances you are born into can shape your life outcomes. Sione is deeply committed to honoring herself, her ancestors, her community, and those yet to come by showing up fully and using her positionality to do her part in fighting oppression globally.


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