Shania Montúfar

Shania’s research lies at the intersection of demography, health, immigration, and gender studies. In particular, her research explores the health experiences of Latin American migrants and their children in the United States, especially considering variations across gender, generation, and family heritage. Her research investigates how diverse locations and social contexts (areas with pro vs. anti-immigrant policies and sentiments; high or low densities of Latine individuals; rural, suburban, and urban; and new and traditional immigrant destinations) help us understand Latinx wellbeing, especially mental health. Further she asks how these contexts intertwine with access to and use of mental health services. Better understanding these underpinnings is crucial to identifying the specific mechanisms and policy levers needed to reduce mental health and access disparities on the basis of race/ethnicity, immigration status, and generation.

As a current sociology/demography PhD student and Ecuadorian-Colombian American scholar from the rural Midwest, her scholarship is a dedication of love to her communities, roots, and self. At large, Shania aims to push the quality of life forward for migrants and their children in the United States


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