Shane Trujillo

Broadly speaking, Shane’s research aims to amplify the reality of triumphs and challenges that queer and trans people of color (QTPOC) regularly face to inform progressive public policy. In particular, his current research interests are focused on looking at the relationship between sexual health, sexual health education, and mental health outcomes for QTPOC. What does healthy sex and sexuality look like and how can they impact mental health? How can these queries inform a clinician’s ability to provide responsive psychotherapy? These are overarching questions that inform how Shane hopes to approach his academic scholarship. He is interested in utilizing concepts and theories from Liberation Psychology, Decolonial Theory, and Critical Theory, among other schools of thought.

As a QPOC, and someone who has been raised and supported by many powerful women, Shane roots his own practice as a clinician and researcher in a feminist-multicultural framework. He believes that holistic mental and sexual healthcare access is a human right and strives to center queer intimacy, joy, and resistance in his academic scholarship.


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