Seth Allard

Seth’s research interests center on military and veteran suicide and Native American youth suicide. Seth pursues collaborative and qualitative research on the experiences of vulnerable and marginalized communities experiencing chronic health disparity. His research approach is heavily informed by community-based participatory research, creative ethnographic writing, autoethnography, medical anthropology, interdisciplinarity (specifically the intersection of social work and anthropology), developmental and transpersonal theory, his own Ojibwa teachings, and deep appreciation of non-Western knowledge and philosophies toward understanding and achieving health, well-being, and knowledge. If asked “Why suicide and health disparities?,” an answer may be that the best way to appreciate and understand life, purpose, and meaning of existence and identity is to journey through the landscapes of suffering and joy alongside your fellow human beings with humility, respect, and compassion.

An Ojibwa person and Marine Corps veteran, Seth is an active member of the communities at the center of his research. Lived experience, an aspirational mentality, and a servant-intellectual attitude motivate Seth to achieve an emancipatory research agenda to challenge, craft, and mobilize mental health policies and practices that empower communities.


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