Sarah Peralta

Sarah’s research interests are on issues related to grief and bereavement in the United States juvenile and criminal justice system. She has a specific interest in the numerous ways that grief expressions in marginalized communities can become pathologized/penalized. Her goals are to address the need for gender responsive, trauma-informed services through collaborative research that is not only community-driven but also critically focused on institutional power and actionable change. Sarah also delves into international bereavement policies and cultural competency in grief counseling, with the purpose of broadening the scope of services offered to black and Hispanic/Latino communities in the U.S. Her research promotes social justice and empowerment for disenfranchised grievers by centering their voices.

A strengths-based framework is critical for advocacy and empowerment of marginalized communities. As a child of Dominican immigrants, Sarah has witnessed the impact that access to education and resources that are culturally competent holds for Black/Latino communities in the U.S. She pushes for more representation of her community in academia.


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