Quetzabel Benavides

Quetzabel Benavides aims to improve health access and reduce victimization among immigrant and Latina survivors of intimate partner violence by addressing barriers created by current immigration policies. Currently, individuals living in anti-immigrant environments are often at risk of experiencing heightened stress due to disproportionate enforcement and surveillance. Additionally, fears of deportation and restrictive immigration policies may limit survivors’ ability to seek necessary resources and report the victimization experienced. Quetzabel seeks to elucidate the experiences of Latina survivors by producing research that examines the intersection of immigrant identity, immigration policies, and health access. Moreover, Quetzabel intends to inform future policy decisions that promote equitable health access among immigrant individuals, increase access to help-seeking resources for Latina survivors, and reduce the burden of discriminatory surveillance.

Raised in Texas, Quetzabel was frequently exposed to challenges experienced by immigrant families as they navigated complex health systems and anti-immigrant environments. Additionally, witnessing the impact of intimate partner violence on her own mother’s health further informed Quetzabel’s pursuit of improving access for Latine communities.


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