Natalia Coriano-Díaz

Natalia is interested in conducting research focused on Latina women’s reproductive and sexual health, and how these are influenced by current health policies. Presently, she studies how state policies affect severe maternal morbidity and mortality, which historically have disproportionately impacted women of color. She is also interested in exploring how human services can be harnessed to improve maternal health outcomes for Latinas, particularly women in Puerto Rico. This research could help address some of the disparities related to maternal health and help improve the alignment between the healthcare system and the human services and public health infrastructure. Although she has focused on pregnant people in her recent research, she believes in, and continues to work toward, securing access to abortion care and other services for birthing persons who intend to terminate their pregnancies.

As a native of Puerto Rico, a colony of the United States, Natalia has seen the impact that policies and politics have on population health. Her work alongside people experiencing homelessness and vulnerable communities impacted by recent hurricanes and earthquakes has provided her unique insights into the health disparities Puerto Ricans face.


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