Monica De La Cruz


Monica’s research interest focuses on ways to ameliorate family poverty as a means to positively impact children’s health, specifically for communities of color. Children living in poverty are at risk for a multitude of negative outcomes in health and safety, school success and educational attainment, and adult earning potential and productivity. Disproportionate poverty in communities of color is the result of systemic racism and inequity that cannot be reversed through local interventions alone. Monica aims to translate her research into policies that help dismantle these systems and shift the national discourse on family poverty to one that is both racially just and centers subsistence as a human right for all.

Monica has extensive experience conducting qualitative, community-based, and community-driven participatory research. Prior to graduate school, Monica worked on an interdisciplinary team at the Stanford School of Medicine examining the impact of local interventions on addressing basic needs insecurity (food insecurity, diaper insecurity).


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