Mirvais “Mir” Aminy

Mirvais hopes to make higher education more accessible to individuals impacted by the criminal justice system. As a formerly incarcerated person, he is aware of the obstacles and hurdles that must be overcome to obtain a college degree. Although most of these obstacles are due to stigma and a misunderstanding of higher education practices, he also believes that by making systems more accessible to formally incarcerated individuals, the process can be less obtrusive. Mirvais would like to shed light on the experiences of formerly incarcerated students within higher education to enable a more successful reintegration for individuals returning to our communities after prison.

Having overcome numerous challenges in his life, Mirvais is now seeking to change the same systems that he had to overcome in the pursuit of his academic goals. Living with a physical disability since a very young age and impacted by the criminal justice system, Mirvais was able to navigate higher education successfully despite these hurdles.


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