Michelle Goulette

Increasing cannabis legalization has led to questions about knowledge of the drug’s risk and benefit profile as well as the potential impact of cannabis use on the incidence and prevalence of other drugs of abuse. Michelle plans to investigate the young adults’ knowledge and beliefs to assess polysubstance use, the association of cannabis legalization on other drugs, and if there is an increase in risky behaviors due to this recent legalization. More specifically, she will utilize advanced statistical methods to understand polysubstance use to improve the health of her community. Her work will inform equitable-policy efforts focused on harm reduction to improve quality of care, enhance quality of life and create health educational opportunities to promote person-centered, informed decision-making.

As a first-generation college student, Michelle believes healthcare should be a right and not a privilege. Her interdisciplinary training in epidemiology and community health behavior will make her well-suited to identifying problems related to healthcare knowledge and access to cannabis to better meet the needs of her community.


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