Mai Xiong

Mental health in America, especially for Asian Americans, is an understudied area. Mai aims to close the health disparity gaps and alleviate the mental health crisis in our country. She is specifically interested in research on mental health and integrative ways to increase accessibility and culturally responsive healing. Mai aims to work with her historically marginalized and underrepresented communities to collaboratively find more innovative possibilities and alternative ways to support the health and wellness of Americans. Her research in HMong mental health and accessibility will inform health policies related to 1) allocating equitable funding, 2) creating integrative and accessible practices to service the diversity of people and needs we have, and 3) bridging research, policies, practices, communities, and institutions.

Born in a Thailand refugee camp and raised in Fresno, Calif., Mai is the first of 12 HMong American children to pursue a master’s and doctoral degree. Mai is a joint MSW/doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work. She strives to uplift and integrate cultural and holistic ways of knowing.


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