Lauren Prox

Do we have a say when it comes to the air we breathe? Well, that depends on who you ask. Where we live, work, and play can have a large impact on the level of air pollution in our air. Lauren intends to study air quality and the health impacts associated with inhaling harmful air pollutants. Lauren also plans to investigate the effectiveness of current policy and learn how future policy can address air pollution. Ultimately, Lauren seeks to use her knowledge and research to educate the public about the relationship between air quality, health, and policy. Her research interests include air pollution trends and predictions, citizen science, and values-based decision making.

Lauren enjoys transdisciplinary collaboration and believes that it brings about innovative and effective solutions. Most recently, Lauren has contributed to a project about democratizing access to social determinants of health data. Lauren has a background in atmospheric science and systems engineering, which provide her with a diverse skill set.


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