Latesha K. Harris

Latesha’s mission is to advance the scientific understanding of cardiometabolic health disparities and improve cardiometabolic health outcomes among Black women. Her emerging program of research explores the intersection of structural racism, psychosocial stress, and racial/ethnic inequities in women’s cardiometabolic health across the life course. Her current research examines how race-related stressors (i.e., racism, discrimination, and police violence) increase cardiometabolic risk among black women. She will use the Public Health Critical Race Praxis to understand how the unique lived experiences and stressors of black women contribute to health inequities. Latesha strives to help build a Culture of Health by creating healthier and safer communities through addressing structural racism and conducting data-driven research to inform policy changes.

As a registered nurse and Hillman scholar in nursing innovation (BSN-Ph.D.), Latesha brings a unique perspective to interdisciplinary teams to address health inequities. Latesha aims to identify physiological pathways linking structural racism to adverse health outcomes and develop multilevel interventions to improve women’s cardiometabolic health.


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