Jovan Julien


Isolated and marginalized individuals, families, communities, and organizations often have the least access to the data and evidence that can help clarify the likely outcomes, trade-offs, costs, and benefits of a complex interaction of specific policies and dilemmas faced by decision-makers. Jovan’s research integrates and synthesizes evidence-based models that are accessible, relevant, and available to community-level decision-makers. Designing tools that support democratic decision and policymaking, at its most basic level, is about supporting the actualization of a Culture of Health that is accountable to and in part controlled by those who have been traditionally sidelined in our society.

Jovan is a student of many schools of thought emerging from the U.S. South, including the Black radical tradition. Jovan’s time as a regional organizer in the South has cemented a focus on creating tools that can support the expansion of a Culture of Health, particularly in rural and isolated communities.


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