Joseph A.D. McBride

Jose’s societal vision encompasses a culture with reduced sexual harm for all individuals, and he is particularly interested in understanding the intricate dynamics associated with sexual assault in disenfranchised communities. The detrimental consequences of sexual assault cannot be overemphasized, and ethnic and racial disparities continue to persist. Jose’s research aims to significantly impact policy and research and support a Culture of Health by investigating the environmental and behavioral determinants linked to the elevated frequency of sexual victimization in African- and Hispanic-American populations. Further, Jose aims to evaluate the efficacy of support systems available to survivors and further elucidate the underlying mechanisms and latent variables responsible for perpetration against minorities.

Jose is a first-generation college student who only successfully completed the seventh grade in public school. After struggling for years, he acquired his GED and pursued higher education. With support from a diverse network of individuals, he completed his bachelor’s with a 4.0 GPA, and is now a Ph.D. student at Jackson State University.


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