Jordyn R. Ricard

Jordyn actively strives to end the criminalization of minoritized individuals by shedding light on structural disadvantages that unfairly target the most vulnerable members of society. Black, low-income, and other minoritized individuals who display antisocial behaviors—such as aggression, substance use, and stealing—are often hyper-criminalized and removed from society. Instead of receiving treatment or other systemic interventions like poverty reduction, individuals who display antisocial behavior are further subjected to punishment through the criminal legal system without addressing underlying causes. Jordyn’s research takes an interdisciplinary and multilevel approach to understanding the root causes of antisocial behavior. She seeks to foster collaborations among community members, practitioners, and policymakers with the ultimate goal of developing interventions that prevent people from becoming entrapped in the legal system.

Jordyn witnessed firsthand the devastating and lasting effects of community violence, police brutality, and mass incarceration in her community, fueling her commitment to promoting health equity. Jordyn is dedicated to effecting policy-level change that targets inequity in the legal and mental health systems.


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