Jonathan Petty

Traditional healthcare practices continue to plague financially at-risk communities by raising healthcare costs and gentrifying such communities for more affluent incoming residents with higher luxury needs. Community serving health institutions stand in the gap as community hubs facing these disparities head-on and are challenged to take a more holistic approach to addressing social factors directly impacting patients’ health. Social health determinant practices (i.e., health, food security, transportation, employment, and education) is one working example that promotes accessible community resources for communities previously ignored. However, the research covering the subject is limited. Jon’s unique position as a community development planner allows him to bridge data across disciplines and create new datasets investigating the role of health anchors in community development, models utilized to meet community needs and areas of improvement ensuring transformative impact.

Jon is a St. Louis, Mo., native with over a decade of faith-based and inclusive economic community development experience. He is ambitious in creating new knowledge and ideas that produce a better way of living for the communities we are called to serve by meeting such communities where they are in their journey toward health equity.


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