Jessica L. Levasseur

Jessica believes that all people have the right to a home and work environment safe from endocrine disrupting chemicals. Endocrine disrupting chemicals have been associated with a multitude of health outcomes, from asthma to infertility to some cancers. These chemicals are notoriously difficult to study and regulate because they are now found everywhere, such as in our building materials and our personal care products. They even play a major role in some occupations, such as cleaning services. Using analytical chemistry, Jessica measures exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals experienced by women and children, as well as by firefighters. She is an exposure scientist who aims to more accurately describe exposures that occur at work and at home, in order to inform more accurate risk assessments that will be used for environmental public health policy decisions.

Jessica has worked as a bench scientist and a government consultant. These experiences motivated her to translate her bench work into science policy to protect the health of blue-collar workers, parents, and children. With HPRS, her research will facilitate evidence-based policy changes for better chemical regulation and accountability.


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