Jesse Brisbois

Jesse Brisbois is working to create a Culture of Health for Native communities through the utilization of both western research methodologies and Indigenous knowledge systems. Within tribal nations, water and food insecurity, lack of access to ancestral lands, and the historical loss of tribal self-determination all impact the health and wellness of Native communities. When the ecosystems on tribal lands are threatened by development, climate change, and tourism, the health of Native communities is also threatened. Jesse is currently conducting research on how the co-management of public lands between federal land management agencies and tribal nations impacts the health of Native communities. While exploring co-management agreements, Jesse’s research aims to prioritize tribal sovereignty and work toward tangible models of land management, where tribes have sovereignty, steward their lands, and protect them from the degradation that is threatening tribal health equity.

Jesse Brisbois’ research interests are heavily influenced by her background as a descendent of the Spokane Tribe of Indians. Jesse always aims to center the health and wellness of Native communities as she works on research for the good of Native communities. This will continue to drive Jesse’s commitment and passion for her PhD work.


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