Jabarey Wells

Jabarey is invested in utilizing community-based research to mitigate the damaging impacts incarceration can have on community functioning and individual health. Specifically, Jabarey researches how carceral systems (prisons, jails, community supervision, policy, etc.) affect the relationship between incarcerated individuals and their communities to influence health and well-being upon reentry/reintegration. He examines factors such as surveillance, institutional access, social support, and policies discriminating against people with criminal records. He intends to bridge these modern-day dynamics to the entrenched systemic intersections of racism, classism, and punishment.

Jabarey is an HBCU graduate who has spent much ample time working with communities to organize around housing, gentrification, food access, policing, and incarceration. His community psychology training and qualitative research experiences inform his approach to problems that largely affect Black communities.


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