Hannah Cory


Experiencing stigma and discrimination has significant impacts on our long-term health. To unravel how these experiences impact health, understanding exposure over the life course is necessary, but this link is only just beginning to be explored in adolescent populations. Hannah’s research uses mixed-methods approaches to better measure and understand how experiences of weight stigma and discrimination intersect with other socially-stigmatized identities and influence nutrition and chronic disease risk in adolescent populations. Through her research, Hannah aspires to provide an evidence base to identify socially-constructed barriers to wellbeing for marginalized adolescents that can be addressed through policy intervention.

Hannah’s mother raised her in a home where food was love and a human right. As a pediatric dietitian, Hannah has worked for the past decade to address inequities in nutrition-related chronic disease outcomes. These experiences shape and drive Hannah’s current work aimed at dismantling the systemic barriers adolescents face in building healthy relationships with food and their bodies.


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