Gabino J. Abarca Nava

Latino immigrants face many challenges and stressors that can be detrimental to their health when immigrating to and living in the U.S. It is imperative to understand the effects of these stressors to bring forth evidence-based policies that give Latino immigrants the opportunity to be as healthy as possible. Gabino is interested in understanding the effects of acculturation and structural racism on health disparities affecting the Latino immigrant community. He is also interested in the occupational health of Latino workers and understanding the unique barriers to achieve better health outcomes that mixed status families face. Gabino hopes to use his positionality as the son of Latino immigrant farmworkers to lead research, policy, and advocacy to create more accessible systems of care to reduce the impact of obstacles like discrimination, poverty, and fear of deportation.

As the proud son of immigrant Mexican farmworkers, and having worked in the fields himself, Gabino is interested in addressing the barriers to health and the social determinants that impact Latino health. He plans to use his personal experiences to inform his research that affects policies that address the needs of the Latino community.


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