Gabi Celia Ortiz

Gabi Celia’s research focuses on organizational systems’ impact on transgender (trans) Latina women and other trans women of color. She is interested in understanding how gender, labor, race, and ethnicity impact trans-Latina women’s behavioral healthcare utilization and access. Through studying how trans-Latina women navigate complex organizational and social structures, she hopes we can learn from community members how to best create culturally and gender-affirming spaces in healthcare and labor. Through her work, Gabi seeks to eliminate some of the existing disparities that trans-Latina women and other trans women of color experience in the workforce and in utilizing and accessing behavioral healthcare services.

Born and raised in Azusa, Calif., Gabi is the child of Mexican immigrants and a proud first-generation student. Now as a practicing researcher and social worker, she is committed to ensuring that communities of color and trans and gender-diverse communities can exist in just and equitable spaces that holistically support them.


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