Erika Mey

Given that Erika understands the importance of serving socially-marginalized communities, she is compelled to utilize research as a vehicle to implement public health solutions. Thus, Erika’s research interests include exploring chronic disease-related relationships between various mental and physical health conditions within the Asian American community and among the Khmer population. She will examine health inequities among disenfranchised communities of color, and address health disparities among underserved populations. Moreover, through a mixed methods and community-based research approach, Erika aspires to design, implement, and improve health programs and policies that leverage the abilities of health research, education, and service to improve the quality of health of marginalized communities.

As a child of Khmer refugees, Erika’s lived experiences, familial upbringing, academic and cross-cultural involvements in research, volunteering abroad, and interning at the federal level fostered her commitment to improving health outcomes of underserved communities. Erika values utilizing research as a tool to create actionable solutions.


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