Edward Chauca

What is the role of culture in building resilience among immigrant Latinx communities? What can public health and policy officials learn from the experiences of these communities? Edward studies how the experience of migration affects the mental health and well-being of Latinx communities in the United States; the individual and collective behaviors that this experience triggers in different generations of immigrants; and how national and transnational health systems respond to their needs. To do so, he focuses on the key role of culture in mediating between the different stressors that immigration produces on these communities and their health practices. Edward’s research goal is to produce a community-based and culturally competent public health intervention that connects the health practices of immigrants with the institutional infrastructure of the American health system.

As an immigrant and a person with multidisciplinary interests, Edward has done research on Latin American culture, human rights, and mental health. Pursuing his second doctoral degree, Edward’s goal is to combine the fields of humanities and public health to produce cutting-edge research that can have a positive impact on the lives of immigrants.


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