Dougie Zubizarreta

Dougie’s research examines structural determinants of health in relation to intersecting social positions and systems of power and oppression using an intersectional lens. Specifically, their work focuses on quantifying the individual and joint impacts of life-course exposure to multiple forms of structural discrimination (e.g., racism, xenophobia, cisgenderism, heterosexism) on population health and health inequities. Further, they are interested in identifying the mechanisms through which these structural exposures impact health (e.g., potential mediation through community resistance, mutual aid, access to opportunities). Dougie aims to conduct action-oriented research on structural discrimination that can be used to support the abolishment of discriminatory laws and policies, and the development and implementation of those that extend benefits, resources, and protections to historically marginalized populations—while also informing structural change and social transformation.

Dougie’s lived experiences and background as a social epidemiologist and community organizer inform their approach to scholar-activism to advance health equity. They aim to conduct actionable, community-centered research to inform structural interventions that address the root causes of health inequities in historically marginalized populations.


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